Asia-Europe dialogue – a whisper that's slowly changing the world

This optimistic article by Donald Tusk, president of the European Council, deserves to be completed with a reference to the Asia-Europe Meeting, which is rarely mentioned in the media. 

Inaugurated in Bangkok in 1996, ASEM deals with a broad range of topical global issues, including energy and climate change, terrorism, world trade, investments, science and technology, culture,  and sustainable development.

ASEM is a unique, practical, flexible and comprehensive dialogue forum for the Asia-Europe partnership. Thanks to contributions from 53 participants – 30 European and 21 Asian countries plus the European Union and the Asean Secretariat – ASEM is a catalyst for more significant intercontinental dialogue and multilateral cooperation.

The 12th ASEM Summit to be held next year in Brussels, Belgium, could mark a watershed for that cooperation. Watch this space.  

Ioan Voicu


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