There's A Cool Hashtag Trending. Find Out About #ArtVsArtist Here

So many times the artist is just behind the scenes so much that you don’t even know who he or she is. In the age of social media and blogs, when so many are busy making their art and works popular on the Internet, there’s no longer a reason for the artist to get lost in the middle of it all. Back in 2016, Twitter user @LaLadyBugTV posted a picture of her manga art and inset a selfie within all the art, hashtagging it #artvsartist. And that, everybody, is where the trend that is spreading like wildfire these days on Instagram and Twitter came from.

#ArtVsArtist is a bid to bring the artists to limelight. In the middle of a grid of eight art pieces created by the said artist is their own picture, serving as an introduction so that you can now put faces to names to works of art you admire. The hashtag is a great way to be discovered and to discover other artists whose work you may like but aren’t aware of. Even photographers have embraced the hashtag and are posting their works with selfies. I say, great job done.

Here are some #ArtVsArtist posts that we found interesting.

Among the many trends that come and go, we are hoping that #ArtVsArtist endures because imagine how easy it will become for artists and their art to be discovered in a world that craves beauty and creativity.

If you have artist friends who don’t know about the hashtag, pass it on – this is a trend no artist should be missing out on.

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