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The daily sports news cycle is crazier than ever. Don’t have the stamina to keep up to speed? Around The Bases is your daily morning destination to stay in the know on the biggest stories in both local and professional sports. We’ll start at first base with an intriguing story or event, and bring you home with a must-read story in the North Peace sports scene.

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First Base – Lebron James’s Cavaliers lose game one

For the first timein his 15-year career, Lebron James has lost game one of a first round playoff series, and it wasn’t close. The Cleveland Cavaliers lost 98-80 to the Indiana Pacers. Lebron was great as always, with 24 points, 10 rebounds and 12 assists for the triple-double, but the concerns about the rest of his team’s defence and consistent scoring were valid. I’m pretty exctied, as a Cleveland loss would mean teh Raptors would face the Pacers in the second round instead, and I’m sick of seeing James in the finals, especially with a team that clearly doesn’t belong there. That said, it’s just one game and we should all know better than to count out the king. 

Second Base – Leafs, Capitals in huge trouble, Golden Knights are awesome

After spending the last three months saying that the Toronto Maple Leafs wouldn’t get past the first round, I changed my tune in the days before the playoffs started. I foolishly convinced myself that the Leafs could and would beat the Boston Bruins in a tough seven-game series, only for Toronto to lay two stinkers to start the series, the last beeing an embarrassing 7-3 loss in game two on Saturday night. Now, granted, if the Leafs look dominant and win game three tonight, I will quickly reverse course, but it just seems like doom is inevitable. As well, the Washington Capitals had another good season, but were nowhere near as strong as previous seasons. Perhaps then, this was the year that they would get past the Pittsburgh Penguins in the second round of the playoffs, as they would have less pressure and expectations them. Unfortunately, we will likely never know, because the Capitals dropped the first two games against the Columbus Blue Jackets at home in overtime, and might not even make the second round. The playoffs are cruel. But hey, at least the Vegas Golden Knights are playing good. They are the coolest story in the Stanley Cup Playoffs, and a sweep of the L.A. Kings is possible. 

Third Base – Raptors finally win game one

As you’ve probably heard by now, the Toronto Raptors beat the Washington Wizards 114-106 on Saturday to win their first game one in their last 11 playoff series. That’s a staggering stat, and for a while, it looked like the streak would continue. But, thanks to great defence by Kyle Lowry and excellent play by the whole bench, esepcially Delon Wright. There is still a whole series to be played, but I hope the Raptors can ride this momentum now and crush an inferior Wizards team. I also think John Wall is capabale of pulling out a Washington victory in game two on Tuesday night,so us Raptor’s fans can’t rest easy. Either way, Saturday’s game was a step in the right direction for a Raptors team that has a real shot at making the NBA finals. 

Home Base – Fort St. John Soccer Club hosted first ever House League Season Opener Tournament

The Fort St. John Soccer Club held its first ever House League Season Opener Tournament from April 13 to 15 in advance of the upcoming outdoor season. The teams were a random combination of players, to get the kids familiar with each other and to make new friends, and will not be the same teams that play during the outdoor season.

“The tournament’s been fabulous. Our goal is to have more players play more soccer more often, and we’ve been very successful,” said Tina Pike, the club’s secretary and treasurer.

Due to weather and field conditions, the outdoor season likely won’t start until May, especially with the snow Fort St. John is receiving today. 

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