Sir Ken Robinson: Is it the end of the world if your child isn't academic? No

Sir Ken Robinson is the education guru who gave the most-viewed TED talk yet, in which he said that schools kill children’s creativity

In his viral TED talk, Sir Ken Robinson argued for an education system that nurtures creativityGETTY IMAGES

Twelve years have passed since Sir Ken Robinson delivered his hilarious and eviscerating TED talk Do Schools Kill Creativity? It has become the most viewed talk in TED’s history, recently surpassing 50 million online views. No one is more surprised than Robinson, who hadn’t even prepared a script. “It was improv. I was just speaking to the room.”

A few weeks later the organisers called to ask if they could put it online, something TED had not done before. Robinson — knighted in 2003 for services to art — was in two minds: he asked them to send a copy and settled down to watch it with his wife, Terry. “Afterwards I said, ‘What did you think?’ She said, ‘I wish you’d worn a different shirt.’ ”…

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