Man caught on camera stealing peacock

COCONUT GROVE, Fla. (WTVJ) — Police are investigating after a man was caught on camera snatching a peacock from a home in Coconut Grove, Florida.

It’s almost like a wild goose chase, but instead, the man was trying to snatch several peacocks.

“It worries me because I don’t think it was to get a pet, said Virginia Jaspar. “Because of the way he grabbed them.

The bird bandit slowly drove his red pick-up truck down the road, then parked near Jaspar’s home. Video shows him trying to grab the peacocks on the driveway and on the front porch, but they manage to escape him and fly away.

Moments later, the man sprints down the street with a peacock in hand, and an angry flock of birds follow after him.

“This man that I’ve never seen before came onto my property,” said Jaspar.

Jaspar said she realized something bizarre happened when she stepped out of her house and found a bunch of feathers.

“They had blood and flesh still.”

“We do want to talk to this individual and find out what his intentions were,” said Miami Police Department Commander Freddie Cruz.

Although most residents don’t agree with the action sof the bird snatcher, many believe there’s a big peacock problem and consider them a nuisance.

“Eighty percent of the neighborhood are not enamored by the peacocks,” said neighborhood resident Rick Ciravolo. “They make a lot of noise, especially in the mating season.”

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