Prince Charles Crushing On Meghan Markle?

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Is Prince Charles really crushing on Meghan Markle? That’s the latest claim coming from one of this week’s tabloids, but Gossip Cop can set the record straight. We’re told it’s “not true.”

According to Life & Style, the Prince of Wales has developed a crush on Prince Harry’s bride-to-be after “catching up” on “Suits.” In the report, a so-called “source” is quoted as telling the gossip magazine, “[Prince Charles] keeps commenting on her sexiest scenes. He acts very flirty with her and has made her blush a few times.”

And if that wasn’t ridiculous enough, the publication goes on to allege that Prince Charles’s wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles, has “grown jealous.” Further purports the outlet’s questionable tipster, “[Parker Bowles] thinks Charles is smitten with Meghan.” And to conclude its seemingly manufactured tale, the tabloid’s dubious “royal source” continues to claim, “The other day when she caught him watching ‘Suits’ for the umpteenth time, she screamed at him, ‘Stop leering at Meghan!’ and stormed out angrily.”

But if it wasn’t already obvious, the entire story is completely made-up. A palace insider tells Gossip Cop the article is not only “ridiculous,” but “not true” and “rubbish.” Contrary to Life & Style’s absurd report, Prince Charles is not crushing on the former “Suits” actress, nor is Parker Bowles “jealous” of her husband’s alleged crush on his son’s soon-to-be wife. It’s also worth noting that no real royal “source” would refer to Prince Charles as “Charles,” just as the publication did throughout its story.

What’s more, while Prince Charles is obviously fond of Markle, having gushed about Prince Harry’s engagement to the star in November, he certainly isn’t attracted to his son’s fiancee. Speaking to reporters in London just after the news of Prince Harry and Markle’s engagement broke, Prince Charles said, “I hope they’ll be very happy, indeed, is all I can say. It’s marvelous.” Evidently, the entire report is nothing more than a fabrication.

Of course, here at Gossip Cop, we’re not remotely surprised by the outlet’s latest piece of royal fiction. In 2017, for instance, we called out the tabloid when it falsely alleged Prince Charles was fighting with Queen Elizabeth over her supposed decision to name Prince William and Kate Middleton king and queen of England. Much like that manufactured story, this latest one about Prince Charles allegedly crushing on Markle is equally bogus. It’s clear the tabloid is utterly clueless about the royal family.

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Prince Charles is crushing on Meghan Markle.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

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