Maldives health sector, exemplary to world; Health Min


Health Minister Nazim Ibrahim had stated Maldives set benchmarks in regional healthcare service. | Photo: Ahmed Shurau/Avas

Health Minister Nazim Ibrahim on Thursday stated the health sector of Maldives has achieved several milestones, setting examples both regionally and internationally.

At the special ceremony held to inaugurate the official campaign to eradicate Tuberculosis from Maldives, Minister Ibrahim noted that the current government has been successful in establishing affordable and trustworthy health services in all inhabited islands.

In his speech, Minister Nazim asserted that despite the various challenges in health sector due to the country’s geography, Maldives has been successful in providing basic healthcare services in all atolls across the country.

He added this was a significant feat which no other country in the region has been able to achieve so far, adding several first world countries have been unable to succeed in providing such a reliable healthcare system.

“We have been able to meet the criterion of World Health Organization’s health standards because of several responsible initiatives by the government, more than 350 doctors have been brought to service since 2014. We are at the verge of witnessing several multi-specialist hospitals. Tree-Top would be a benchmark in the region as a state-of-the-art and innovative medical institute,” Minister Ibrahim highlighted in his speech.

Minister had also thanked incumbent president Abdulla Yameen for accepting the proposed action plan to counter Tuberculosis by Russian state head Vladmir Putin at the ministerial level health forum last year.

Maldives aim to completely eradicate Tuberculosis by the year 2022 according to government’s detailed action plan.

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