I'm destined to lead Nigeria but not by election – Bakare

Presiding Pastor of Latter Rain Assembly, Pastor Tunde Bakare on Sunday clarified his recent statement where he was quoted during the watch night service on January 1 that God told him to contest in 2019, saying however the declaration was not a presidential campaign flag- off.

Speaking during his state of the nation address titled, “It is time to renegotiate our union”, the first in 2018, Bakare lamented over the state of the nation, declaring that the present administration has failed on all fronts.


He said his declaration for presidency has triggered massive anxiety and speculations in the polity, noting that it “was an invitation to prayers sent out to fellow labourers initiated in our corporate destiny as nation builders”.

“To the uninitiated, that declaration was news, but to my partners in destiny, to whom indeed the request for prayers was extended, my journey and trajectory in the call to nation building is well known.”


He declared that it is his destiny to lead the country but how it would be realized is left for God to decide, saying there have been precedents in the past of people who led their nations without contesting for elections.


The clergyman who was the running mate to President Muhammadu Buhari in 2011 under the defunct Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) said what Nigeria requires now is not elections but a renegotiation of her union through restructuring.


He noted that election every four years has become a colossal waste to Nigeria.


Bakare said: “Nowhere in that declaration did I mention running for election. It is, however, not surprising that politicians and the politically-minded have interpreted it as such. 

“I am, by God’s grace, a nation builder propelled by the dream of a New Nigeria and hopefully will become a statesman someday; I am indeed running, but not for elections; it is a race of destiny and the destination is certain. 

“If God leads me to serve my nation by election into political office, I state boldly that I will accept it with all my heart. In the year 2011, when the opportunity came to be running mate to then General Muhammadu Buhari, God said to me, “You are walking on a path that I have mapped out for you.” 



“The important point to note is that it is my destiny to shepherd this nation into her prophetic destiny, and the time is at hand. The method by which God intends to do it is up to Him; I am neither flagging off an election campaign nor building political alliances.


“Some may ask, “How then can it happen, if not by elections?” My simple response is that there are biblical precedents, including the stories of Joseph, David, Nehemiah and Daniel; there are also historical precedents, including the case of George Washington whose unanimous election was merely an endorsement, and Gerald Ford who, under the terms of the 25th Amendment, took the oath as Vice President on December 6, 1973, and, following the resignation of President Richard Nixon, was inaugurated as the 38th President of the United States on August 9, 1974, without a single election”…


According to him, nothing indicts the current government greater than its failure to address security challenges in many states of the federation. He decried what he called the “deliberate sinful silence” by the Nigerian state over the pastoralists/farmers’ crisis, while demanding justice for victims of recent Benue killings.

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