FIRST ALERT: Snow chances trending lower for Wednesday

Low Chances of flurries midweek

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Colder temperatures will return once again next week and bring a low risk of wintry weather to parts of the Carolinas. 

A strong cold front will bring an end to the recent warm weather. By Sunday, temperatures will drop to near 40 for daytime readings and overnight lows will drop well into the 20s. The colder temperatures will linger through most of next week. 

By late Tuesday night and Wednesday, moisture will begin to return to the Carolinas. With cold temperatures in place, some wintry weather is possible. 

The setup for the potential winter weather is much different than the last winter storm. In the previous storm, bitter cold Arctic air was in place and there was no doubt that frozen precipitation would fall. The setup next week features slightly warmer temperatures and a weather pattern where just a few degrees could make a difference between cold rain or snow and ice.

The last winter storm also featured a very strong system rapidly developing offshore. That led to high amounts of moisture being thrown into the region in the form of heavy snow. 

The system being watched for Wednesday will not be as strong nor have as much moisture to work with. Accumulations will not be likely either.

Overall, the weather pattern next week favors more of a typical Carolina winter storm setup, where areas of the northern and western parts of the Carolinas have the best risk of snow and ice, while areas closer to the coast see mainly a cold rain with a few flurries possible.  

While the risk right now for snow and ice across the region next Wednesday is low, keep a check of the latest forecast in the event of any significant changes. 

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