Expectations from Nollywood for 2018

The movie industry in Nigeria has grown in leaps and bounds and with current cinema ratings, where home-made movies are grossing hundreds of millions of naira, it can only get better. Friday Treat brings a report by Pulse.ng, as regards expectations to make the industry even better, this year.

  1. Diverse genres

In 2018, it would be refreshing to see Nollywood invest in diverse genres, and in turn, discover fresh audience members.

  1. Reliable award platforms

Except for the Africa Movie Academy Awards, the Nigerian film industry runs largely on fan-voted awards that give the audience the power to decide winners like Best Actor and Best Movie.

Since most fans are not always great at knowing what elements determine a good actor or film, works of questionable artistic quality are eventually rewarded.

There are also several awards that, for instance, nominate an actor without stating the movie that earned him/her the spot, nominate or even award an actor that has been absent from the screen for as far back as four years, or run an award show without a transparent submission process.

Hopefully, in 2018, the ridiculousness that comes with most movie awards will be fixed.

  1. Pay more attention to s3xual harassment allegations

Shortly after multiple women accused Hollywood power player Harvey Weinstein of s3xual assault, few people came forward with their experiences in Nollywood. But the opportunity to fix a culture of abuse that has been swept under the rug for decades was missed, as alleged victims were discouraged and asked questions such as “what do you want to achieve with this?’

Normalisation of s3xual harassment in Nollywood is simply a reflection of a society, which over years, has tolerated an array of improper conduct, especially, from the men. In 2018, it is crucial that Nollywood steps out of its comfort zone to have this long overdue conversation about s3xual harassment.

  1. Bigger opportunities for up-and-coming actors

Every year, the Nigerian film industry introduces at least one breakout star. In  2014, it was Adesua Etomi, in 2016, it was Somkele Idhalama, and in 2017, it was a struggle. The absence of a pronounced breakout star simply highlights several harsh realities; Nollywood is still recycling old actors and there are not a lot of risk-taking filmmakers willing to cast unknown faces.

There are quite a number of talented actors working hard to land a breakout role on the big screen, and in 2018, it would be refreshing to see these actors get a chance to display their craft.

  1. Better marketing campaigns for movies

The 2016 movie Isoken had a recommendable marketing campaign. There is a new Nollywood movie set for cinema release sometime this February. Unfortunately, you know nothing about it or the people behind it.

The success or failure of the marketing campaign of a movie will have a huge impact on the commercial success of the film.

While not every filmmaker can afford campaigns that include billboards and TV adverts, key elements such as creative trailers, posters, and in a social media era, Instagram and Twitter accounts for a movie, should not be ignored.

In 2017, Mike Ezuruonye told Pulse Nigeria that other genres don’t put in as much as they should into publicity as comedy.

“The other genres are not advertising as hard as comedy,” he said.

“So, it’s a thrown challenge to other filmmakers who don’t like comedy. I mean “76” is not a comedy, it did well. So, you advertise hard too because whether you like it or not, movie making is an expensive medium and you just have to put money into it.”

Every filmmaker should be able to create the feeling that their film is a must see. And to achieve this, effort should be put into creative marketing.

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