Africa Beyond Borders with the “Black Paris Walk” [Travel TMC]

  • In today’s Travel segment, Bridget Ugwe takes you to the discovery of Africa outside the walls, an Africa beyond the borders of the Continent. *

Starting with Paris, where immigration has left here and there imprints of its presence, intertwined with the History of France.
And it is precisely this three centuries old African presence that Kévi Donat, a young tour guide from Martinique, invites you to discover.
“Le Paris Noir”, or “The Black Paris Walk”, introduces you to a French capital less known to the general public, but just as rich, .
The idea of showing this “other Paris” came to him with the many questions from tourists who were wondering: “But why are there so many blacks in Paris?” … Here is his answer!

Paris has more to offer than just taking selfies in front of beautiful monuments ! There is also a historical, a political Paris where the colonial issue has all its importance !

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