Meet Tony Giles, the visually impaired backpacker who has travelled to 125 countries

Who’s Giles?

Giles is a British backpacker who has travelled to 125 countries so far.


Giles is a totally blind and partially deaf person.

Say what?

Yes. You might think a deaf and blind man would live a quiet life, but Giles instead decided to travel the world. Alone. He has already visited all seven continents and has even traversed the Arctic Circle.

All alone?

Yes. Now 39 years old, he has just returned from a trip that saw him visiting Jordan, Israel and the Palestinian Territories. His list for next year includes trips to Russia and Greenland, with his final plan being to visit every country in the world while spreading awareness.

Tell me more about Giles.

When Giles was 9 months old, doctors discovered that he had a rare disorder that made him very sensitive to light. This rare genetic impairment resulted in Cone Dystrophy and Photo Phobia, and it was discovered that he was partially deaf in both ears at the age of six.


That’s just incredible.

Not just this. Giles has done bungee jumping 16 times and taken part in three skydives so far. He is also the author of a string of ebooks, titles of which include Seeing The World My Way and Seeing The Americas My Way. He recently made a documentary with BBC World Travel Show.

Go Giles.

His main appeal in travelling the globe appeared to be meeting new people. “You might get 10 people walk past and then someone will stop. ‘Are you lost, do you need help?’ And then you can interact with them. That’s how it works,” says Giles.

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