The safest airline in the world REVEALED to be this popular carrier

Flying is one of the safest ways to see the world, with 2016 being the second safest year for airline travel on record, according to the Aviation Safety Network, just behind 2013.

One of the biggest annual surveys has revealed which is the safest airline to fly with.

Sadly, the one to make the number one spot isn’t a British airline but is instead the Australian carrier Qantas.

It’s the fourth year that the airline has won the accolade., a safety product rating website, evaluated 425 carriers, depending on a variety of factors such as crash records, fleet age, inspection reports and operational history.

Of the seven star rating, a star is also removed is the airline only has aircrafts made by Russia

Qantas has had a “fatality-free record in the jet era” in its 96 years.

They are also one of the most pioneering airlines, having introduced flight recorder black boxes and engine monitoring.

Two British airlines to make the top 20 were British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

The study also analysed the best low-cost carriers as well, which found the best to include Aer Lingus, Thomas Cook, Vueling and Virgin America.

They all passed the strict International Air Transport Association Operational Safety Audit (IOSA) to ensure they are deemed safe despite them not being able to achieve a full seven-star rating if they are a budget carrier.

Thankfully, the only airlines to have received less than one star out of seven are further afield from Afghanistan, Indonesia and Nepal.

It has also been revealed where the safest countries in Europe in 2018 are for the family holiday.

The Nordic countries such as Finland and Denmark made the list, as well as Norway and Sweden due to their relatively low threat of terrorism.

Switzerland and Monaco also made the list, most likely because of their neutrality and strict policing.

For families looking for a bit of sun, thankfully there are two destinations in Europe still considered to be safe that have a hotter climate.

One of those is Portugal, which hasn’t been targeted by terrorists and only borders with Spain.

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