Enter smart city 3.0

The city of Shenzhen played host to the event, which attracted more than 350,000 visitors

The China Hi-Tech Fair Smart City Exhibition has concluded having attracted more than 350,000 visitors and received representation from Germany, the UK, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and the Republic of Tatarstan.

The six-day event was held with the aim of shaping a new smart generation, bringing together advanced solutions, latest products, cutting-edge technologies and innovative ideas about smart cities.

During the exhibition, organised jointly by National Information Centre and International Data Group (IDG), the era of Smart City 3.0 was also heralded where citizens will no longer be passive bystanders and future cities will be co-created with them.

Several concepts and achievements of new smart city were collectively demonstrated involving aspects of planning, management and digital transformation. The organisers believe these will help to outline a more ambitious urban blueprint in the future.

Chinese government officials including Wan Gang, vice chairman of the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) and minister of science and technology; Liang Zhenying, vice chairman of the CPPCC; Cheng Xiaobo, director of National Information Centre, and Wang Weizhong, secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee also attended.

Seven featured zones were set with more than 100 exhibitors commonly displaying all aspects of technologies and solutions, including urban planning and management, communications and information, security and emergency and cloud computing.

The Asia-Pacific Smart City Development Summit was also held. The forum focused on topics such as cross-border integration and innovation, artificial intelligence era, third ecology and innovative application of smart city.

Exhibitors, which included Huawei, China Electronics Branch, ZTE, Foxconn, Ping An Science and Technology, National Technology, Tung Technology, Shenzhen Tyky Technology and Tian An Digital launched smart technologies and devices, such as the urban command centre, smart finance solutions and 5G- and artificial intelligence-related applications.

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