DPS-MIS students take part in career guidance workshop

International relations is an extensive, interdisciplinary field of study that involves advancing international understanding, prosperity, peace, and security and to make the students aware of the diverse career options available in the field of international relations and provide them an insight into today’s world of politics, DPS-Modern Indian School (DPS-MIS), conducted an informative workshop, on the topic “The Impact of International Relations on Understanding Today’s World Politics.

(One World, Many Theories)” for the students of Grade X &XI. Mr. Khalid Al-Jufairi, Candidat au Doctorat (PhD) Policy Fellow, Inside the White House, Inside US

Congress, the resource person, shed light on the key aspects of International Relations and guided the enthusiastic students in choosing their future careers.

Khalid Al-Jufairi, in his enlightening address, explained the theories of realism, liberalism and constructivism which are the foundation stones of International Relations.

He encouraged the students to research about diverse principles with an open mind such as Feminism, Marxism and Post colonialism.

He also discussed about various career options available for International Relations graduates like specialists working for governmental agencies, intergovernmental organizations, international and multinational corporations, consulting firms, research organizations, nongovernmental organizations, advocacy groups, and policy think tanks.

After the presentation, the students with their raised interesting questions which were answered by the resource person.

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