Two police officers shot in France – 50 armed officers at SIEGE

The two police officers, both paramilitary-style armed ‘gendarmes’, were shot in Auros in western

One officer was shot in the arm and torso. He was wearing a bullet-proof vest. The other victim was shot in the forearm. 

Both victims were evacuated to Bordeaux University Hospital by helicopter.

The gunman was believed to be around 60 years of age. He opened fire on the officers after police were called to the scene following a domestic incident. 

The gunman then holed himself up in a rural home where police carried out a siege.

Around 50 armed officers are now at the scene in Auros, a small village. 

Local politicians were also at the scene and helping to coordinate the response. 

Police eventually stormed the building where they discovered the gunman. 

They said he appeared to have taken his own life after opening fire on the officers.

Police said the man had been known to them due to a history of violent behaviour. 

The gunman’s wife was safely evacuated from the building. Two neighbours were also evacuated. 

More to follow…

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